Are you sick and tired of the siege mentality which seems to be part and parcel of smart meter “deployment” everywhere?

Do you think you should have to guard your analog meter or run off “meter” installers?

Did anyone ever ask you if you wanted network management and communications equipment taking over your unshielded home wiring?


If this so called “modernization” is so “smart” and so “good” for us, why is it necessary to use force to install an uninsurable device, and why are utilities blaming resulting smart meter fires on owners?


Are you fed up with the use of stealth and wondering what they are trying to hide?



Reading  the post at the link above has been a unique eye opener.
In general, individual lawsuits are invariably “suited” to those with deep pockets.
Class action lawsuits (in BC) are usually funded by taxpayers.
Are those pockets there to be picked to fund any plaintive plaintiff?
At first glance this lawsuit appeals to those who “believe” there is “safety in numbers”, and seems best designed for those who feel most secure when part of a collective, when they are recognized by membership or belong to a group.
One has to wonder, though, just how wise it may be for private persons to forfeit their common law secured private rights (COR/NOD) by opting instead to register their private claim back to the Authorities in order to become part of a PUBLIC ”CLASS OF PERSONS”, whether they realize this or not. At that point they proceed to spend PUBLIC taxes on PUBLIC actions in a PUBLIC court… However, a courtroom is a closer kin to a Las Vegas casino, inasmuch as the odds (in this case) appear to be rigged in favour of the house .
Isn’t walking away from a sure thing to opt for a decided gamble just a bit like, let’s say, being granted a stay of PUBLIC execution when your PUBLIC head was already on the PUBLIC block, and then turning around and demanding to confront the MASKED PUBLIC executioner overseeing PUBLIC beheadings, then complaining to him just how annoyed you feel about that nick in your neck?
{Note: In case you are wondering why the word PUBLIC is capitalized herein, take a close look at your utility bill. All caps is how not only the utility but any “Authority” distinguishes YOU as a PUBLIC commodity or a commercial entity, from you the private man or woman recognized and respected as such by and in common law. Hint: These fictitious Authorities who place themselves ‘above” you and try to tell you who you are and what you can and cannot do are extremely aware that you also have common law rights which they cannot tinker with, and such self declared Authorities really hope that YOU do not know about you, and that YOU are oblivious to your true private common law rights.
While you are at it, take a gander at all your other documents, from your birth certificate to your driver’s license, wedding license, bank account, certificate of title, if you own property. You will notice the same phenomenon, your name is invariably printed in all caps, which stands for the PUBLIC version of little old you, the one they get to boss around.
UNalienable and INalienable.
UNalienable rights are all yours. Anyone who tries to take those away had best beware, at least, once you are aware of this fact. 
INalienable rights are not really rights at all. They are actually revokable benefits and privileges, like OAP, CPP, the money you loaned to your bank when you thought it best to store it in there, etc.
There are some less than attractive reasons why this is the case. Not to worry. The antidote to signing away your private rights is to claim them back again by using a Claim of Right.}
Even a little cursory research reveals that the government you direct your smart meter protests toward is looking out for the utility you also rail against.
Yes, this is the same  government which anticipated just this, a backlash called YOU, leading up to an expected rash of PUBLIC lawsuits about smart meter “rights”.
This is also the same duly elected government which took steps accordingly, ages ago, to grant itself legislative immunity from every single thing that could possibly go wrong with smart meters, in advance.
Now why in the heck would they do that?
Could it  be that they also knew these devices are uninsurable and downright dangerous but lucrative data miners able to create a trillion dollar short term data bubble which would make them impossibly rich, in the short run? And who that you elected cares about the long run?
Pitifully few.
Let’s examine more closely the many possible unintended consequences of any decision to join a class action lawsuit.
Consider this:
You decide to make what you don;t realize is actually an oxymoronic decision.
You toss aside your private rights, willy nilly. This happens the moment you legally register your PUBLIC SELF back to  the Authority by entering a lawsuit, by signing up for an opt out registry, whether one the utility offers or one someone else encourages you to do.
You fail to grasp that when you REGISter with the government and the utility you are doing so only so that you can turn around and ask to be “granted” a  opportunity to legally protest the hardship of being legally registered with the government and the utility. In other words you hand over all your power to those same Authorities, the government, and the utility, ….. and then wonder why that makes you, or rather YOU, subject to the whims of both.
Is this logical behaviour?
Even if this kind of choice was not what it indeed is, the ultimate exercise in self defeat, … and even if this move does seem as if it will not cost YOU, the participant, more than the class action entrance fee to ride this roller coaster, still,…why not ask a few questions before you do?
Just what kind of Judas goat would have the cunning to think this one up?
Don’t Judas goats lead flocks of sheep right into a (legal) slaughterhouse?
How much common sense is involved in ignoring the fact that you already have the option of refusing to opt in at all. You already possess the choice to say No to a smart meter by using common law Claim of Right and Notice of Default. This is a sure way which any “Authority” must abide by.
So WHY would anyone then decide to throw that all aside? Why REGIS-ter away those rights back to the same damn governmental representatives of the royal majestic overseer who violated your rights to begin with??
Does it make ANY sense, if by so doing, you are agreeing henceforth to become a PUBLIC PLAINTIFF, under the sway and control of the “AUTHORITY” – even though in essence this crossroads move forfeits choice?
Do so and instead that fateful move reinstates any and all of the following:
– lands you right back inside the same treacherous system which originally betrayed you and which wants you forcibly metered?
– grants fictitious “Authorities” your precious consent and acquiescence to take away your real rights
– registers you as a public commodity and legalizes away your legitimate common law rights
– forfeits all options by signing away your own ill understood freedoms
– hands back to “Authorities” control over your private rights, by giving away rights which common law affords to all private humans
– tosses out freedom of choice
Who so readily ignores, dismisses and gives away their rights?
What kind of blithe indifference or passivity does it take to circumvent critical thinking and/or develop amnesia about facts?
Fact: The Court uses statute laws which uphold the legal (but not lawful) right of the utility to meter you, because, by signing up to go to court, you granted them consent to do so.
No one can take away your rights without your consent.
Welcome to Alice and Wonderland.
What on earth possesses anyone to expect a Court and a judge to ignore what both exist to represent and enforce?
What kind of COURT “Authority” would approve a utility’s right to over ride your own personal private rights but then turn around and disapprove what it has approved? Pretty much none.
Show me the judge who feels just fine about refusing to uphold those numerous irksome PUBLIC statue laws, all of those government sanctioned Acts which were put on the books in advance, purposely, to protect the utility – no matter what it does to you, your family, your home, your property, your life.
If you care about your own human rights and the protection of your loved ones, then for crying out loud, stir yourself.
At least read the relevant Acts which the government put in place to grant this utility full immunity from all hazard, injury, and harm to all who are smart metered.
Oh, and while you are at it, try using a hard wired modem, not wifi, and an encrypted search engine like, (just anything OTHER than smart grid invested all seeing, privacy obliterating google) to find and research those pertinent Acts.
Look them up and really read them over.
Find the applicable sections hiding right there out in the open.
Search for the current version of each of these and read them carefully, ….. very carefully and note how the ACTS all inter”act”:
The BC Clean Energy Act
The BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
The Utilities Commission Act
Hydro and Power Authority Act
Now consider the position of any judge faced with what is by definition a contradictory class action suit, which, in one and the same breath, registers the PUBLIC YOU with the Authority while YOU proceed to vehemently protest such Authority’s power to Authorize YOUR rights away.
What else is any judge but the most extraordinarily iconoclastic one most likely to do?
Is it feasible, is it probable, is it even possible that such a judge would NOT uphold those same legal Acts which support invasion and usurpation of all of your legal (not lawful) rights?
Remember a ton of legislation was written, fast tracked and passed by ‘closure’ intentionally, by this government and for this very reason.
Recall that all of these Acts are intertwined and designed specifically to protect and to shelter the utility, not you or me.
Ask yourself why Authorities seem just fine with how black is now white, and wrong is now right.
Don’t you wonder why the utility is able to proceed with impunity  and act as if they have immunity?
Haven’t you asked yourself why the besieged, put upon, persecuted defendant, namely the utility corporation, has now  been thrown into the very legal redemption scenario it was hoping to land in, no small thanks to the participants who think lawsuits are about “winning”, when in reality they are about legitimizing Authority’s hold over YOU.
It is plaintiffs who cast the utility in the ultimate desirable role, to be played to perfection as the part of the poor beleaguered defendant accused in a class action case by plaintiffs (who are its own shareholders?), when …gee whiz, judge, …. all it has been trying to do is to uphold and adhere to the letter of the laws already on the books, the primary purpose of which is to support and protect the utility from the misguided rabble classes.
Sure, maybe somewhere there does exist a visionary, courageous and exceptional person who sits on the bench and who is prepared to overrule all of these utility protecting laws. Anyone could luck out and be assigned a people’s hero who will toss out the entire existing system. They could rescue everyone, on the spot, by creating a brand new laws which favour the masses.
At that point the trillion dollar smart grid data mining bubble would pop , for good, and we would all live happily ever after.
So we must not rule out the possibility that some day a prince of a judge may emerge from the mists, an upstanding man or woman who may decide not to reenforce the status quo of statute law.
Plaintiff(s) could hope for a deeply ethical judge who would outright refuse to allow the existence of legal protection already fully afforded to the utility.
Clap your hands if you believe a judge will decide to expose any utility to all possible legal fall out caused by smart meters.
Does it seem foreseeable?
Does it sound plausible?
You decide.
By joining forces with this venture, you have nothing to lose but everything.
Ask yourself:
Is it worth taking that kind of chance?
Am I predisposed toward  gambling?
Am I the ‘all or nothing’ type?
Am I willing to take that chance?
Am I prepared to lose what I already have, my own personal common law assured smart meter free zone called my home?
Do I go with COR/NOD?
Should I weigh the real options,
a) a simple cost free common law choice wich I say I am for
 b) a long shot which could cost me everything I say I am against?
Hmmm …. let me see…
It seems all just so ….confusing, doesn’t it?
Do I choose me and mine?
Or do I shoot the buck and have a double?
Just what is it in the human psyche which drives thirsty people keep going back to a dry well for water?
Who knows? Probably not even them.
The blog article in the link back at the beginning of this rant serves to uncover something much more profound than simply how to successfully refuse a smart meter installation.
What ELSE is revealed by the implications behind this “meter” question?
Could there be a certain wisdom emerging here, a larger breakthrough about other freedoms and common law, which is already the foundation of ALL original English law.
Perhaps there could be future applications?
Perhaps a differently worded COR/NOD or other common law documents, for claiming back rights other than just effective refusal of a smart meter?
What struck me about this wondrous COR/NOD gift to all of us is what it says about the anonymous author(s):
Skill informs the power of this common law pen.
Generosity is what bestows that gift, the non negotiable power of private rights offered unconditionally to others.
A different question surfaces about those who doubt COR’s power to protect: Is this a potential case of pearls before piglets?
Even if some unwittingly forfeit free choice by REGIStering away their rights, ……
Even if some turn and run from responsibilities which are inseparable from freedom, ……
Even if some cannot resist the almost suicidal urge to grant Authorities implied consent, to allow others to overrule them and then rule over them – both in and out of court, …one inescapable fact remains:
In the end the fate of humanity – and of all things biological – is in the hands and minds of ordinary human beings many of whom do not feel at home with critical thought.
Some have already asserted that the implications for the world if a global activated grid are so catastrophic, that humanity faces a mass extinction situation. Ironically, we now find ourselves at the mercy of the limits of the ability of others to comprehend the gravity of accepting a microwaved ecosystem and have realized that our chances are tied to their choice to act in time – or not.
It is those around us who may choose to ignore the powers they possess.
If indeed overwhelming evidence of absolute harm is accurate, the hard fact is that our fate is now determined by those who DON’T refuse a smart meter, and who surround us.
There is a kind of human who cannot run away from the responsibilities of freedom fast enough, who desperately wants to avoid all responsibility intrinsically linked to anything, let alone (common law) rights.
The awake are at the mercy of sleepwalkers who hand away not only their own private rights, but, by extension undermine the rights of others all around them.
These is indeed a way to either refuse this harm or  empower corporate large scale destruction of the web of life, an ecosystem without which it is possible that ultimately no one and nothing may survive to reproduce.
It’s an indisputable case of enlightened self interest to Claim your Rights. You do so on behalf of everything biological to which we are inseparably linked, and with which we are by design intimately connected.
To put blind “faith” in statute law in a matter this grave is to empower “Authorities” to then give not only you but everyone around you unremitting microwave exposure which no-body is able to withstand.
Those who chose to gamble, those who move forward and may enable court ordered metering, may invite a corporate coup d’etat, the outcome of which would be that the utility as defendant will then become “empowered” to point to the judge’s decision and say to lapdog media and the plaintiffs alike:
“See? We have no choice at all. The judge has COURT ORDERED us to install all of the plaintiffs’ meters”.
Choose any self defeating route and you not only drag yourselves back down into the mire, you take your family, neighbours and strangers down into the muck with you.
T’was ever thus.
Common Law, Uncommonly Good, Commonly Not Understood
The good news is that those who truly want to share this freedom choice with the rest already hold in their hands full power over their own destiny as well as yours and mine.
Should be a kind of thrilling, heady feeling, shouldn’t it?
So raise your glass (perhaps a glass of as yet unmetered water?) and drink a toast to all those vastly untapped rights it turns out we have possessed all along.
Here’s cheers to all applications of common law because those who “get” this, are just getting started!
On a side note: On no account should anyone miss reading over those documents at the link in that article link above.
The Claim and the Notice instructions make it ever so clear
– that it IS fully possible to use those same documents to stand up to corporate hegemony,
– that it is the only clever thing to do to use the written word to calmly refuse data mining corrupt control freaks and to correctly and methodically use COR/NOD to resist imperious fear mongers.
– that choice is and all along has been hiding right out in the open
– that freedom is ours for the asking,
– that the opportunity to use common law to upend abuse of power by self declared “authorities” is there for the taking.
When the administrative branch of a government corporation goes this far, a corporation in which the “PUBLIC” was deemed to share in the common wealth and in which that same public was deemed to hold controlling interest as majority shareholders …..
When a utility which at least on paper is supposedly  ”owned” by the “PUBLIC” is still able to abuse its power…..
When those bent on smart metering everyone are also able to be the recipient of government granted degenerate laws designed to protect such corporations from every possible outcome …..
When government colludes with corporate utilities and together they stoop to this level of callous entitlement ….
When the elected posture about the sin of bullying and in the same breath behave as if it’s okay to go rogue and abuse private rights …………..
Then at their peril do such fictitious “Authorities” ignore the vast, and largely untapped, magnificent resource of private rights.
This issue move far beyond the border of simple moral hazard and ethical relativity.
To claim or to reclaim one’s rights is indeed to hit the motherlode. COR embodies the core of all genuine rights which inherently belong to each private man, woman and child, to each and every private being,.
Behold the motherlode.
It’s name is common law.